Ten apps that will make you money

Do not be fooled by fake or false promises of apps with which to earn real money.

If you are looking for a way to generate some extra income, you will be glad to know that you can do it from your mobile since there are apps to earn real money. You’ll usually get paid for various simple tasks, ranging from answering surveys to testing websites.

However, many applications that promise to pay you with money are scams, so we want to make your search easier. Of course, do not think you will become a millionaire with them, but you will get a few dollars that would not hurt you at all.

Apps that pay with real money that we have tested

We have tested a few apps, you must remember that it is always better to have a part-time job, but if you have free time or gaps in your schedule to get an extra month, it is an option.

We have used them while exercising on the exercise bike or the stepper while listening to a podcast (they hardly require attention, and you can do other things).

We do not use the affiliate code because we intend to give our opinion, not to make you fall for applications that do not pay with real money.

  1. Poll Pay

Poll Pay is one of the best-known money-making apps and one of the safest. Here you get paid to answer surveys on various topics.

To start using it, you must create a complete profile since the number of surveys or quizzes you get will depend on this. Also, you must present an initial test as it happens in other similar platforms, with the difference that you will be paid for it in this one.

There are not many requirements to use Poll Pay other than being over 16 years old and having a Smartphone. As for payments, these are made by PayPal, starting at 5 dollars, with gift cards from platforms such as Amazon, Spotify, and Zalando.

The good thing about Poll Pay is that it is easy to get to a minimum of €5. In the month of use, we have withdrawn $11.58. Keep in mind that the quality of the surveys decreases throughout the month.

  1. Clickworker

Clickworker is another real app to earn money that is better positioned; it has about 2 million users worldwide.

You can earn some amount by completing mini-tasks or minjobs, for example,

translating a text, answering surveys, or categorizing images.

As with most apps of this type, payment is made via PayPal. Receiving earnings is easy because the minimum amount is 5 dollars.

  1. User Testing

Another app that pays real money is User Testing, which has a particular function: it pays you to test applications in the development phase; in this way, you help developers create better products.

Your feedback is paid with a balance to your PayPal account, and all you need is a mobile or computer, free time to test the apps, and a good internet connection.

The user-testing app is the one that requires more attention. In some cases, you may need a computer. The best thing is to create a good profile in which “to have as much information as possible,” that is, you have high-end mobiles, two or three-game consoles, etc.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another app to earn real money by answering all kinds of surveys, but they all have a thing in common: they are super simple.

Every day you can receive questionnaires whose reward varies in the number of questions and the time it will take you to answer them. But, it is not only limited to surveys; you can also accumulate money by doing other tasks.

Payment is made directly to your PayPal, although if you prefer, you can opt for gift cards to buy the products you want in the best stores, including Amazon.

  1. Clic and Walk

With Clic and Walk, you can also earn real money while you answer surveys, give your opinion and take pictures of the place you are. More than 750,000 people already make money collaborating with market research.

We leave you the promotional video to see how this app is sold to companies that need “clickwalkers.” The operation of this application to earn real money is simple; you just have to complete missions that will tell you to go somewhere and take a picture; If your mission is validated, the earned balance will be added, which you can withdraw to your PayPal account or your bank account.

  1. Foap

If photography is your thing, then Foap is one of the apps that pay real money to give you the best results. It is a crowdsourcing platform whereby you can share your photos and get paid for them, ranging from $5 to $100.

You have to try the Foap app; you will surely get additional income with your photos. Stop posturing on Instagram and take advantage of your skills.

  1. Userfeel

We close this list of the best apps to earn real money with Userfeel. This tool enables you to test the usability of websites and get cash in return.

It is an entertaining way to earn money that pays you to enter a web page and rate how your experience with it has been. The payment per trial amounts to $10, and earning them will not take you more than 20 minutes.

  1. Kashkick

This is one of the latest real money-paying apps and one of the reasons we are updating this content.

Kashkick is a new app that promises to pay with real money directly on Paypal. It promises us that we can earn real cash by taking surveys, watching videos, and doing small actions on the web.

To test this application, I had to get a friend from the USA since the main challenge with this app is that it is only valid for people residing in the USA.

How much money can be made with Kashkick?

Our friend spent a little over a month and a half and managed to reach the minimum payment of $10 through Paypal. The problem, in his words, is that the first hook surveys brought him $6.5 in the first week, and then he had to watch tons of videos to get to the $10 minimum. He never saw $3 or $4 surveys again.

Although the app looks good a priori, it has a somewhat sloppy interface. Of course, it has passed the test, and we confirm 100% that this app pays with real money.

  1. WeWard

WeWard, earn real money walking with this app

This money-making app is different from the others. Forget about watching videos, taking surveys, and earning real money by taking care of your health.

This has been created to encourage healthy living and offers rewards for walking, Yes, without any tricks, since the more steps you take, the more points you will get.

The points that are obtained in Weward are called Wards and act as a digital currency that can be exchanged for offers and discounts, donations to NGOs and other entities, and dollars.

The design of this app is, without a doubt, our favorite. If you have an app that counts your steps, use Weward instead and earn extra income without realizing it.

Although it is necessary to carry out several steps to exchange digital currency for dollars, there is no problem. It appears as an exciting option to earn money without staring at ads.

If you are one of those who walk a lot every day, it is an excellent option to consider, since you can use it while you go to work or walk for a walk. In addition, you will be taking care of your health.

Does it work, Weward?

Yes, this French app has more than three million users in French alone, and since 2021 it has been available in Spain. Little by little, it will reach other countries.

To give you an idea, for every 3,000 steps, you will receive three wards, which you can redeem at stores like Puma, Samsung, and Nike.

The best thing is that it is like any other app to count steps, it does not need to be open, and it will take your actions into account. Without a doubt, the app to earn a real money that requires the least effort.

How much can you earn with WeWard? Does Weward pay?

If you are searching for money, here you have the data. As you can see, it won’t make you rich, but this app could be classified as passive income since you won’t have to do practically anything.

  1. Money App (available for iOS and Android)

Money App is simply a market research app that rewards you for completing tasks, including offering opinions, playing games, checking store displays, testing products and services for free, etc.

You need to simply register an account and start completing the tasks to accumulate rewards that you can then exchange for cash with a PayPal account; one of the side attractions of these applications is that you can receive the payment within a few business days after redeeming your rewards, which is unusual in this type of application that usually pays once a month or does not offer cash rewards.

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