Extreme frugal living tips

Are you a frugal person? Do you adopt frugal living? Do you do anything weird to save money? Do you ever feel that you have trimmed your spending to the bare minimum and now you have nothing to save? Would you like to receive advice like, to stop eating out, and adjusting your thermostat can be enough to save more money?

Frugal living means doing the weirdest things to save more money. Some might consider frugal living as a way of living while others might consider frugal living as a way to save money.

If you are a super frugal person and don’t want to spend extra money, you are at the right place. We are going to share the top 20 weird and extreme frugal living tips which will help you save extra money.

Extreme frugal living:

Many people around us are saving tons of money by living an extremely frugal life, no matter how people see and judge them.

Extreme frugal living involves living on a tight budget, spending far much less than you earn, and making prudent decisions to allow you to live beyond your means. Extreme frugal living not only allows you to save more money but also helps you to minimize your debt.

And it is not such a difficult thing. You can start living frugally today by simply bringing your lunch from home. You can start extreme frugal living by canceling all the services that deliver food to you.

What Are the Benefits of Frugal Living?

Frugal living is one of the simplest things to do in your life. Frugal living helps you in saving money for future investments. Living frugally gives you many opportunities like help to reduce your debt, allow you to save extra money in your bank accounts, save money to travel, decrease your household expenses, minimize bills, and the list goes on. A frugal lifestyle can help you live beyond your paycheck.

Super frugal living:

Living frugally or super frugally not only saves your money, but it also saves your time. Start living super frugally today by just making small changes in your everyday life. Some common examples of living frugally in everyday life are bringing your lunch from home, growing your vegetables and fruits at your home, cutting your cable connection, washing your clothes in cold water, and drying wet clothes in the open air.

Extremely frugal living tips:

There is a famous saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned” which is a hundred percent true. In my whole life, I have frequently believed in the quote, “if you run towards pennies, the dollars will run towards you”.

I am going to share with you some thrifty living tips that I learned from my grandparents and parents that are my support system, my wealth guide. My colleague, my friends, and the internet have also provided me with some extremely frugal living tips. So, wear your seat belts and start diving into the tips for living frugally.

  1. Unplug all appliances.

You can save hundreds of dollars by simply unplugging all your electronics appliances when they are not in use. This step could save you from paying high electricity bills but if you get some power strips, you can easily switch them on and off.

  • Establish your garden.

One of my favorite frugal living styles is growing my garden. It not only saves money but it is also a great hobby during our leisure time. This method also relaxes our bodies and mind. If you want to start saving money, and if you want to avoid the expenses of wasted money, try growing your vegetables at your place.

  • Make your presents.

When it comes to giving out gifts for special occasions, avoid being as stingy as a scrooge by making your presents and gifts. You can look on Pinterest or google and give the best ideas and make your presents and crafts. For those who enjoy crafting, be careful not to overspend on supplies too much. You can also reuse gift wrappers and bags.

  • Go get on a bike.

We all know the high transport expenses that swallow all your money before your next salary. So, if you want to reduce your expenses, try riding a bike today, and live a frugal life today. It can also help you save thousands of dollars per year if you switch from a car to a bike!

  • Cut your hair and your family’s.

If you are looking for an extremely frugal living tip for saving money, start cutting your hair. A survey in 2016 reported that the average cost for the haircut of a woman was $45. So, spending $45 a month on your haircut may cost you more than $500 annually.

If you are not brave enough to cut your hair, start cutting your family member’s hair. You can cut your children’s hair or your husband’s hair in your home as a good option for frugal living. There are a lot of hair cutting tutorials on YouTube, from which you can learn how to cut hair and start living an extremely frugal life.

  • Make your own hand washes and laundry detergents.

Another extremely frugal living tip is to make your laundry detergent. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube that teach how to make laundry detergent at home and save a good portion of the money, especially for a big family. You will also get rid of harmful dyes and chemicals by making your detergent. You can also make your hand washes, body washes, soap bars easily at your home. In this pandemic situation, where the prices of sanitizers are touching the sky, you can easily make your sanitizer and live a frugal life today.

  • Stop using the dryer and start line drying today.

If you have a big family that does laundry frequently, then using a dryer places a huge burden on you. Do you know how much energy are you wasting every time you run a dryer? An average of $200 to $300 is spent on electricity bills due to dryers every year. So, you can avoid this by simply drying clothes in the open air. This is one of the best tips for frugal living.

  • Make your bread.

A survey has reported that an average person spends $2 to $4 on each loaf of bread every day. The yearly cost might cause a big burden on them. If anyone has a big family they can opt to come up with recipes at home. There is a lot of homemade bread-making content on the internet. You can easily make bread at home and live a frugal life. It’s my personal opinion that you’ll likely consume more bread when you make your own since homemade bread tastes much better than bread bought from the store. Start making your bread and take one more step towards frugal living.

  • Don’t throw away the boxes.

This tip is one of the best steps of frugal living and saves you more money. Most of us love making DIY ideas and crafts at home using scissors, boxes, cartons, and some other tools. Additionally, we spent enough money to buy crayons, cartons, and other DIY materials from stores that cause a big burden on us. Our kids also love to spend a lot of time playing with crafty tools at home. I think we should not waste boxes and cartons, as they are a great benefit to all of us. So, next time when you intend to buy toys for your kids, remember the DIY stuff which you stored at your home.

  1. Do your own nails and hair dye.

If you learn how to do your nails, manicure and, pedicures, you can save more money. There are hundreds of tutorials that teach how we can color our hair and skip the expenses of the salon. So, keep your dreams low and try living a frugal life now.

  1. Forget your smartphone.

This tip might be too extreme for you if you’re addicted to Instagram or Facebook on your smartphone. But if you have decided to live in extreme frugality you have to get rid of your smartphone now. Using your smartphone might cause you a burden. Keeping expensive smartphones contributes to a big fraction of the monthly and yearly costs. If you keep practicing cheap hardware you can save more money and this will put you one step closer to frugal living. In this pandemic situation, try to spend quality time with your family and friends. Not only does this step create strong bonds between you and your family, but it also helps you live a frugal lifestyle.

  1. Rent out your home.

If you have a small family, you can live in a small space. If you own your house try to rent it out or rent the empty rooms. In this way, you can save more money and live a frugal life. The more you rent out your home, the more money you can save. If you don’t have your own house, try finding a small rental house.

  1. Skip baby diapers and Use Cloth Diapers.

Families that have more than one child know the high cost of diapers that they have to spend on their kids. A survey found that an average of $2000 to $3000 is spent on baby diapers in a year.  This is a very high cost and might cause a big burden on you, so try using cloth diapers and skip commercial baby diapers if you want to live an extremely frugal life. If you plan to have more kids in the future, you can save more money by adopting this tip.

  1. Skip sniffers.

When you can clean your floors, house and, bathrooms on your knees and hands then why do you need a Swiffer or a vacuum cleaner?

  1. Turn off the AC and Down the Heat.

Air conditioners are one of the most expensive appliances among household utilities and if you are trying to hold on to your utilities, you must follow this frugal living tip. Turn off your AC to reduce your electricity bills. This will also help you save electricity. The less electricity you consume the less the bills to be paid. Likewise, turn off your heaters or thermostat during winter, as they also are very expensive.

  1. Buy and freeze groceries.

You can save a portion of money by saving and storing grocery items. Buy large amounts of vegetables or medicine when they are at discounted prices and freeze them for later use. Moreover, when you buy something in bulk you spend less than the usual amount.

  1. Sell old books and papers.

Do you keep your previous semester papers and notes for later use? But we all know that we never touch them again. So why do you save them? Sell them at half price and save your money. You probably can live with less.

  1. Reusable food containers made from plastic or glass can be put to use.
  1. Make your coffee.

You can make your coffee at home if you have invested in a good coffee maker. If you are very interested in living a frugal life, use reusable coffee filters.

  • Get low on utility bills.

People pay a big portion of their income on utilities such as buying water when they can use boiled water. Similarly, you do not need to flush every time you use the toilet, because it wastes too much water. Start living frugal life today by implementing this expression: “let it flush, if it is brown; let it mellow, if it is yellow”.

“A penny saved is a penny earned”.

A frugal life means saving more money, minimizing your expenses, and living below your income. Frugal life does not mean not to live. Frugal living is filled with happiness, appreciation, and grace. Home is where the heart is, so being frugal brings happiness.

Frugal life helps you to simplify your lifestyle and home so you can easily retire. It is a reported fact that people who live an extremely frugal life can easily live on a tight budget. Frugal life makes you content about your life, while at the same time it allows you to save a lot of money.

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