Best email marketing services to improve your sales (email services, email marketing services, email marketing)

Attract new customers, strengthen our relationship with our consumers and build loyalty, facilitate the purchase process, offer personalized quality content, and publicize new products. We tell you how you can get the most out of email marketing tools, their main functionalities, and their advantages in increasing sales.

What is email marketing: email as a channel to attract customers and sell more?

Within the digital marketing applications that a company can use to get new customers and increase sales, email marketing tools are one of the most effective.

Email marketing or emailing is a digital communication technique in which we use email to interact with our contacts (both potential customers or leads and current customers) to convert them into new customers or retain them, thus increasing sales.

The newsletter or digital information bulletins, the reminders of unfilled shopping carts in an online store, order confirmations, the dissemination of discounts and promotions, the welcome message when registering in an online store or accepting the subscription to a newsletter, personalized birthday greetings, all these emails are part of a campaign that we can easily carry out with marketing tools.

In addition, email marketing is not an invasive commercial strategy since, to receive the mail, the user must have previously given their consent; You are a subscriber who has agreed to be on our mailing list for your interest in accessing exclusive commercial actions or quality content.

Characteristics of email marketing

A good strategy is not based on sending mass emails for commercial purposes. To guarantee its success, it is important to personalize the content to each consumer or group, segmenting our contacts based on their characteristics, needs, phase of the purchase process, location, or sales history.

By adapting the content of the emails to our users through efficient segmentation, we achieve greater conversion and success with our call to action (CTR) of the message.

The objective of email marketing is to attract new customers and speed up the online purchase process, but also to retain the current ones and turn them into loyal promoters of our brand by offering:

  • Value content according to your tastes.
  • Immediacy when reporting on trends in the sector.
  • Special discounts based on your order history.
  • High personalization and closeness in our emails make you feel relevant.
  • Surveys to assess new products and make them participate.

Examples of emails that we can create with marketing tools

Occasional emails: sent promptly.

  • Newsletters: to inform users of new products or services, blog posts, new content on the web, seasonal offers, limited promotions, etc. They have a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly.
  • Automated emails: these are emails with content already defined but that is personalized and sent automatically to a contact. Thanks to the marketing automation system, the recipient’s data (name, orders) are inserted into standardized content.
  • Transactional emails are automated emails sent as a result of user action; or a transaction with our company. Examples of this emailing are emails to reset passwords, order or reservation confirmation, shipping status, subscription registration, appointment or event reminders, etc.

Features of the best email marketing tools

Using email marketing tools is currently essential in all businesses. Given the simplicity of use and its high effectiveness, it is very easy to quickly benefit from the advantages of email marketing through these platforms.

Basic features of email marketing software

The best email marketing tools have the key functionalities for this type of digital action, such as:

  • Design and send mass emails easily with a professional design.
  • Automate the sending of emails.
  • Segment contacts using labels.

Obtain statistics on the rate of opening of emails and the proportion of clicks achieved in our call to action.

Easily integrate with other business applications: eCommerce platform, CRM software, info product sales platforms, CRM for event companies, etc.

Advanced features of email marketing software

As advanced functionalities in email marketing platforms, we can find:

  • Sending transactional emails.

Multichannel to be able to replicate the messages in other dissemination channels (SMS, social networks, etc.).

  • Marketing automation to automate sending messages with the conditions that we define.

A/B tests to test different versions of your emails on a small sample of recipients

and thus analyze the response before sending it in bulk.

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